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  1. I am a Professor of Architecture at Tulane University (and a Germanist…). I am writing on the theological underpinnings of modern art and architecture, focusing on Jos. Beuys, Mies van der Rohe, Walter Pichler and Josef Plecnik (diverse material, which is why I have chosen their ‘voices’ and work…). Your writing is very clear, and I thank you for that. I have done some previous work on Dante and the middle voice/chora…and a rather intense book on Kurt Schwitters, a 20th-c. German artist. My UG thesis was on the Weimar Bauhaus (1919). Your work is so helpful to me in my current research on Christian mysticism (spec. female Christian mystics…). I am so happy I came across this essay…it is profoundly helpful at this time in my own writing and research.
    p.s.: per your footnotes and bibliography, it is Jacques Ellul (spelling mishap…as a Catholic-educated woman, albeit elementary school, spelling is a big thing to me, especially names…my nuns would be proud of course…for this certainly)!

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