Ezekiel 37: An Interpretation

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to offer an interpretation of Ezekiel 37 based on the relevant historical, sociocultural, and grammatical contexts. Unless otherwise noted, all quotations of Scripture are taken from the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Holy Bible. Historical Context Ezekiel was born in a time where a major shift in […]

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Sovereignty and Divine Providence

Introduction What exactly do we mean when we say “God is in control” or “Jesus is on the throne?”   Through the ages man has sought to understand the balance between free will and divine providence.  Is man truly free to choose the direction of his life or does God control the actions of each individual?  […]

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Deuteronomy and the Literature of the Ancient Near East

Thesis and Scope A central concern of exegetical pursuits is to discover the historical and cultural Sitz im Leben of the biblical text in order to properly interpret Scripture.  The field of comparative studies of the cultures of the ancient Near East is critical to understanding the historical-cultural and socio-political context from which the Scriptures […]

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